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More about the software..

When you download the Bukz software you will be presented with three separate applications. Each serve a purpose in maintaining the network and allowing users to transfer funds and build services that are useful, fun, and helpful to the community.

The Bukz daemon “bukzd” is a piece of software that runs and keeps a ledger of all the blocks and transactions on the network. This ensures that everyone has the same ledger. When you send money to one of your friends, the transaction is updated throughout the network confirmed. Since there are many of these daemons running, this is what makes the Bukz network a decentralized currency and unable to be controlled by a single entity. This results in privacy, accountability, and freedom from modern centralized systems.

The simplewallet program that comes packages with the Bukz download allows you to easily send money to your friends and family. It gives you the option to create a new wallet or open an existing wallet. Once you have created a wallet you can then send and receive Bukz to anyone almost instantly!

The walletd daemon that comes packaged with Bukz is for software developers. You can run this on your server and make RPC calls from your existing projects. This enables developers to create useful and exciting applications with Bukz, or even just integrate it into their existing website to easily accept payments from their customers!