BUKZ [BUZ] is a digital currency that aims to use as few resources as possible while drawing its energy from renewable energy sources. The idea is to provide the information and guidance to form a decentralized network of likeminded individuals establishing a solar powered network.


algo: CryptoNight (Original)
money supply: 1,771,904,700
difficulty target is 42 seconds
emissions speed factor is 22
blocks unlock after 30 blocks
p2p port: 38930;
rpc port: 38931;

BUKZ Foundation

The BUKZ founding fathers aim to create a solar/wind powered farm and provide the information needed for others to replicate it. Our aim is on aquiring CryptoNote (Original) ASIC miners and powering them with renewable energy.

For more information take a look at ourĀ BUKZ Whitepaper.