About Us

BUKZ provides the solution for an ever evolving decentralized currency powered by renewable energy. Our software keeps your funds and transactions private and secure by design. The central banking system was established hundreds of years ago and has many flaws that we aim to fix. In addition to resolving the centralized banking institute implications, we’re working towards lowering the toll Blockchain mining is taking upon our worlds energy consumption. It’s estimated that by the end of 2018 Cryptocurrency mining could be using up to 7.7GW of electricity. That’s almost half the worlds energy usage.

We’re A CryptoNote based currency, originally developed in 2014 by a group of anonymous developers working in unison. Since then many advances have been made in the technology and it will continually evolve ensuring optimal efficiency, security, and stability. This software is a perfect fit for our overall vision, it requires very little resources to run. There’s specially designed hardware created to mine BUKZ that allows us to run the network using very little power consumption while at the same time maintaining optimal network efficiency.

All of this combined gives us a near perfect foundation to build upon. Our goal is to help our miners power their mining rigs as efficiently as possible with renewable energy. We support and actively study solar, wind, and hydro applications in an attempt to provide useful experience based information to our community of miners

The BUKZ foundation is actively developing the an efficient datacenter powered by renewable energy. We aim to host mining rigs, and web servers to provide electricity consumption solutions to the blockchain community. It is our goal to have all our nodes, services, and mining rigs running entirely on renewable energy by the end of 2019.

We will be providing useful information to the community in many ways, such as the logistics to various setups, how-to videos, calculators, and [url=https://discord.gg/aSChFhA]peer to peer communication![/url] We welcome everyone to join our community! Contribute, learn, and evolve! We’re all working towards the common goal of establishing an anonymous decentralized currency that’s maintained entirely by renewable energy.

The Bukz foundation goal is to establish the first solar, & wind powered datacenter that provides quality solutions to the blockchain community as a whole. The data center will offer co-location of mining equipment, web hosting, and cloud mining services.

The foundation will be testing and building solar kits specialized for specific mining setups and selling them at a discount as we develop more capital allowing us to buy at wholesale costs. We will develop these kits in a way that makes it easy for our community to expand their infrastructures as effectively as ourselves. Giving everyone the opportunity to grow their mining setup as large as they like.