BUKZ Decentralized CryptoCurrency
Who are we?
BUKZ provides the foundation for an ever evolving decentralized currency
powered by renewable energy. We foresee a secure and stable network of
Green miners working together from around the world to shape a healthier
Earth for generations to come.

BUKZ utilizes the CryptoNight algorithm originally developed by the
Bytecoin developers to ensure our network is secure while using as little
resources as possible. ASIC CryptoNight mining hardware is fast, efficient,
and does not use a huge amount resources, making it the perfect fit for
off-grid renewable energy mining systems.

The Foundation
The BUKZ foundation is leading the way in developing the first off-grid
solar powered mining setups. We will be designing, testing, and building
the most efficient systems and giving the blueprints to the community. Our
goal is to eventually have the connections in the solar, and mining rig
industry to design and sell systems to miners looking to mine off grid and
participate in our mission